X4 located in Utah - 84042

I bought a used X4 from Paul to use for another purpose other than flight. I’ve been experimenting with using it to inflate a hot air balloon. While it works well - too well really. I’m thinking 2 smaller fans would serve my purpose better. I have batteries - but you won’t want them as they are Pouch LGX E71A nickel-manganese-cobalt.
I’ve put 90 minutes on it in the time that I’ve owned it. It includes: Frame, Netting, Props, Motors, ESCs and Thumb Controller. It would need batteries and harness to complete. I paid $1000 - make offer thayne.peterson@gmail.com

If you haven’t sold your partial 180kv X4 I would be interested in it.

I’m in Idaho for a few more days… lets’s talk. Email me at Thayne.peterson@gmail.com

I would be interested as well.

Give call sometime and we can talk more:

The system has been sold

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