X4 for sale. North Dakota, USA

I flew it today. I like it for flying with just one pair of batteries to practice launch and landing with less weight. I’ve been learning with a local instructor. Selling because moving to a new place soon and looking to reduce the items needing storage space in new home. (I also have sp140, keeping that as main unit.)
I’ll take some photos if you like. It’s had a couple of imperfect landings during my learning phase. The hoop and netting are bent but serviceable and should be replaced. The four batteries are Bonka 7s. Not many cycles on them because I’ve not used this thing much at all. only 4 flights.

If you have one, this would be good for spare parts. If you want one, this is assembled and has been tested but needs a little care to refresh some parts that suffered during some of my learning experiences.

I’d like to get it to a good home. Let me know if you’re interested.


What batch is this? Where are you located? Willing to ship? Cost?


X4 SOLD. received deposit, plan to deliver tonight. Thanks for the interest.

I am from Johannesburg South Africa, interested in the X4.What are you prepared to let it go for ?
Thank you

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