X4 Discontinued

The time has come, the X4 is a dated design and really for us to be happy to keep producing it it would need a full redesign. The X4 is a DIY unit and most pilots just want a unit they can pull out of the box and fly so that is one of the many reasons why the SP140 is best for 95% of people.

So going forward we are putting all our resources and effort towards the SP140 and making it the best it can be. We will be still selling parts to the X4 if you break something on the site and if you need any support we will still be helping the best we can.

We are looking forward to 2023 for electric paramotors we think this year there will continue to be a big shift to EPPGs and we are excited to work on making the best paramotor available and more widely available.

OpenPPG Team


Sorry to learn about the discontinuation of the product, though I’d like to hope that it merely free up resources for a full redesign that uses the SP140 battery for the sake of compatibility and uses multiple rotors to eliminate torque. I agree fully that most folks would prefer to start flying right out of the box. Perhaps you could design an efficient alternative to the traditional structure that mounts a fan behind the pilot where incident airflow is thus impeded. Compactness or foldability would also be appreciated, no doubt. Best of luck for the new year.

Wise move I think. I’d like to see more parts made in USA just to avoid long delays for replacements, but understand it would be more expensive. Hopefully I live long enough to see leaps in battery capacity.

Good call, onward and upward :+1:

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I’m hopeful I can be flying paramotors for that long. I have an Atom80 powered unit as well as the X4. I fly them both.


I fly a Miniplane Top80 for longer flights. Sure would be nice to get half its endurance and fly for 1-1/2 hours on the SP140

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To reflect the electric trend, I updated my school website and if you click on “Programs”, the SP is now featured since I do not touch gas anymore https://www.supair-usa.com