X4 busted connection repair

Was ready to launch with my X4 yesterday morning - turned the main switch ON - heard the ESC(s) synchronizing, but no red light atop the throttle and a blank screen welcomed me🤬
99% of the time it is a busted solder, and it was! Repaired it last night. I can’t remember how many time that happened. The handle housing is tight for the number of wires to fit comfortably inside it - it always requires some jiggling/pushing/pulling the tiny wires around to close the half shells. Sometimes the cable to the ESC is yanked back during an inflation for various reasons and a solder or wire will brake. Doesn’t take much to screw up a connection, even with the SP.
Hard to see but the black ground wire is disconnected (zoom in on the vice and where the black wire is missing)).

Soldering the wire back

Repaired: will tidy up the cable today.

Are you intereted in selling your X4?

Sorry Bill, am not. I like it in spite of its ailing moments. I always managed to fix it so far. It looks a bit banged up but that’s ok,… that way I do not feel bad adding more parts to it or drilling holes or cutting out carbon fiber parts🤣.

Looking back at that first version of the controller gives me chills!
We thankfully upgraded to a custom PCB after that so there weren’t so many wires in a tight space.
Glad to see it lives on. That’s a piece of history :slight_smile:

As long as I hear the beeps, see the screen ON and the red light, that’s all I care about😆