Electric folding bike - Bonka pack, wing, a folding home made super stable heavy duty platform to place the X4 on it and make it easier to put the PPG on my back and remove - also prevents sand to get in wherever it should not, helmet. The X4 all assemble is light enough to have on my back and pedal comfortably. The bike has 4" wide tires on 16" wheels. I reduce the tire pressure from 30psi to about 12 to 15psi once on the sand for better traction. The trailer’s balloon tires are 19" with 3psi and will ride just about anything you throw at them.
I can pick up and load the cart with all my gear on it in the back of my SUV.
It would be similar to what is seen on this video but with the cart at the back and the X4 on my back instead of the backpack which would be on the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oV-2Uk-8GI&t=7s