X4 and instructors for a newbie?

So I’m new to ppgs. I’ve flown pgs before. (Now doing a certification course again. I took one, didn’t fly after, and then took 3 years off and forgot it all.) But I have never flown a ppg. I’m thinking it would be best to work with an instructor when I get there, but I feel the X4 wouldn’t be very well accepted by most gas instructors here in Utah. So, is it better to wait for the SP140 and use that for my initial ppg training (even though it doesn’t have the benefits of zero torque for learning) or to wait for batch 7 since I missed batch 6? I’m worried if I do batch 7, instead of the SP140, then I will be unable to find an instructor willing to work with me on it and I will be forced to try and learn it on my own and will create dangerous habits.

I’m sure others will chime in but if you’re looking to get in the air right away and take advantage of the summer flying season for training you shouldn’t have to worry about buying any equipment.
You should be fine training on pretty much any motor from your instructor and switching over to the OpenPPG model of your choice when thats available.
Like many others here I trained on gas and one of the biggest hurdles is handling the wing, especially for taking off. Thats basically the same no matter which motor you’re on.

Of course electric does make it a lot easier (no idling, no starting, more responsive power, etc.) but any instructor/manufacturer worth anything will point you towards getting the basic training down and then you can go (electric) from there. :slight_smile:

PS. Lots of instructors have reached out and are super interested in training with the OpenPPG for many of the above reasons. We’re already working with a few instructors and while we’re focused on development and manufacturing for now we do have plans to work with many more.


Thanks for your input! I definitely will be doing the training before I get it. I finally found a local instructor who will train without requiring you to buy your own equipment from them, so that’s the plan now. I look forward to when the orders open back up for the eppgs!


This is the way! What I did. I also appreciate that my instructor allows graduates to rent gear for a very reasonable fee after training ($60/hr) - be sure to ask if that’s an option. :slight_smile:

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