Wiring diagram required


Is it possible to have a proper wiring diagram for the kit builders as no instructions or paperwork is included
Also need to know how to attach the harness properly and safely ( mabye this will be in build video number 2)


I second this request.


Any response/update on this request?


Does this help?

Where are the wiring diagrams?

Also, here is a link from another thread with a pretty good picture of the connectors some of us used:


Thanks thats great…I guess the controller power goes across the 44v plus and minus
Also my shorting link on the control board came off can you send a pic of the correct position please
RegardDave UK


The 44v goes to the BEC to power the controller at 5.5v and to the PCB to step down the voltage so that it can be monitored by the controller. Note: the new boards will have a built in BEC.


Are you talking about the jumper on the BEC? Mine was on 5.5v


My jumper is across pins 2 and 3 as you look at your pic…is that correct


Yes, that sounds right.


Thanks for your help
Regards Dave


FYI the code that is loaded on shipped controllers is calibrated for a 5.5v input. Changing it to something else will throw off battery voltage reading.


Yep that makes sense…my jumper slipped off and want to be sure its back on tbe right pins
If you could send a pic that would be a great help
Dave UK


Wow, that’s gotta be one beefy switch to handle the whole current load for 4 motors! Is it rated for 300A (max at full throttle)??