Will these batteries work?


If specs are real, this is pretty good price . (better than Bonkas and shipped from US


Yes, buying from a US vendor is MUCH better than buying from China. I have a defective Bonka battery and still haven’t heard a word about a replacement or refund. I have been waiting patiently with this situation since last May when I received them. I can only get 12-15 minutes max flight time- hardly worth taking all the equipment out to the field and setting it up. At this point, until they remedy their quality control and refund purchase price or replace the battery I would not recommend buying the Bonka batteries. Any update on this situation, Paul?


Do you get 12-15 minutes per bonka battery or per pair of batteries?


15 minutes maximum from two Bonka batteries. I have two more batteries that haven’t been used. One of them won’t charge completely. I’m waiting to hear whether Bonka will refund/replace the defective one, then I’m expecting 25-30 minutes using all four batteries.


Wow. They look great for the price!!!
Anybody knows if its real and if they last long before they puff?


Looks good but out of stock


edit - Bill did receive a replacement cell from Bonka a few weeks ago, Bonka does take a bit sometimes. Pdwhite