Why that switch?


Hello all,

I am reading a lot of controversial information about that switch, that is included in the kit.

I agree, that a switch is somewhat convenient. just turn it, and the power is on, turn it again, and the power is off. But since the switch seems to cause some issues, why not just leave it away?

Simply connect the bullet connectors of the battery with the ESCs and off you go.
I’ve seen some youtube videos of other electrical (one motor) ppgs that are turning their system on by simply connecting the wires.

What are the pros and cons for the switch and for simply using the bullet connectors ?



The big one for me is a way to isolate the battery, be it because of an accident on the ground, a technical problem in the air.
As discussed in another post if an ESC get “stuck” on then you need a way in the air to cut the power.

What we need to work out is an antispark switch method and if @Pdwhite would be able to source a datasheet for the switch we have to see what the peak and constant currents are for 48v.

One quick easy way to stop switching spark would be to leave the switch only for quick switch off (leave on for 99% of the time) and use an antispark connector for the battery connect and dissconnect.

Another option is use something like this. I would still want a physical switch “just in case”.


That Alien Power thing is really interesting. If it’s what it sorta seems to be - which is an electronic on/off with remote switch, it’s exactly what we’d need.

Assuming the losses aren’t too high, you could put the activation switch on a gooseneck or somewhere super easy (but not accidental) to access, and even work in an emergency tab to yank somewhere.

Is that actually what the alien power thing is? Couldn’t find a spec sheet


great find, @jjooeehunt - that alien Antispark Power Switch is a sort of electronic Relay, I guess.

That would indeed be perfect for switching the system on and off!

For a hardware switch for the safety, as you say, we could just use bullet connectors, where one connector tied to the frame, and the other connector has a string attached to it, of which the other end is connected to the harness.
You can then easily reach that string in case of an emergency, pull it hard, and disconnect the power this way (you won’t care if there’s a spark at that moment).


Sounds good @etienne. I like the physical pull out connector idea.
I have emailed the guys over at Alien Power Systems to see if he thinks this unit would be up to the job / current that the PPG uses.
Ill let you guys know when i know more.


An electronic switch is another bit of electronics that can go short circuit.
I thought the problems people were having with the switch was the contacts not being able to handle the current, and so heating up (probably due to arcing) and melting.
I use a couple of small relays that have large posh heavy duty contacts on my project. I’ve had the relays for a number of years so can’t tell you where they came from; they aren’t the contactor type though.


Anyone looked into what relays are used in the automotive world?

Heavy duty relays.