Why choose OpenPGG?

I am currently researching which electric paramotor i should choose, the top 2 i found are the OpenPPG SP140 and the Air Italy EPG-21.

The flight time of the EPG-21 is 80 minutes, the flight time od the SP140 is 40-60 minutes and only 2 kilos lighter.

Which one should i choose?

the one with the shorter flight time is real and has been confirmed several times. the other advertises with numerical values that can only be achieved by extremely light pilots with huge wings and the best weather conditions by professional pilots. best not to pay attention to flight time numbers but to: company support, processing, the state of the art for the hardware in general. as well as how comfortable it is to fly, is a throttle curve adjustable with delay and much more. the battery can be charged on storage. Is the frame also powerstart capable, e.g. if you want to use a light trike etc.

Danke für deine Antwort!

Welchen Paramotor fliegst du? Und wie ist es bei dir bezüglich Flugzeit?

Was sagst du zu Paracell?

please write here in the same language. Even if I understand you better in German, of course.

I’ve been flying my own systems from parts from different manufacturers since about 2011. i know javier personally because i invited him to the eppg competition in waldzell in austria in 2018.
he and others helped to build up the eppg scenne in the first few years.

but I don’t want to evaluate any manufacturers or projects in any way.

It is only important to me to correct or show facts or if there is incorrect information.

you can find my projects on youtube, facebook, partly in magazines like the paramotormagazin from austria or also with manufacturers like hacker-industrial solutions as an example.

I am no longer active as a company in eppg, I only run it for hobbies and development.

best regards

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I deliberately chose the sp 140 and still stand behind it, the paracell has too little power for me, and storing 1.5 x the energy with only 2 kg, seems a bit strong to me, and that’s why i I found out that flying E is not for me yet because I don’t get the flight times with my 110 kg
But the SP 140 is a very nice machine to fly, powerful enough with fine harness and very important good information on the info screen on the throttle and the electronics can be adjusted because it is open.
And of the EP21 there are no user experiences yet on you-tube and whether the firmware is also open and prices can not be found??
But If you like you can try my SP 140 and is still for sale in the Netherlands

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