Who has logged longest flight

Curious who has logged the most(longest) flight time on the X4???(doesn’t include like Thermaling time unless it was just like normal thermals I guess) I keep hearing 20 mins and 40 mins in videos but people always “just fly for a bit”. Anybody ever gotten close to those times?

Also… any update to X4 batch 6??? :-^

I use a 6 battery setup (see gliderpilot build) and mostly fly early in the morning near the ocean in no wind conditions at sea level. And get about a 35 min flight without being very careful to save power and going full power with the trimmers out. It’s a solid short flight machine.

I’d say 40 mins is doable. Probably more like 45

My longest flight with four batteries is 15 mins. I charge to 4.15V which my chargers report as 95%. When I got home they were at 15%, under 3.8V.

Ten to twelve minutes is more typical for me. At a grand for the set I’m not in a hurry to stretch my batteries. And, I like to have power enough to go around on a messed up an approach.