Where to buy used wings?

Now that OpenPPG has drastically reduced the cost of propulsion, the next biggest cost is the wing.

Any suggestions on buying a used wing?

Where are the best places to look?

How can you know what the condition of the wing is, or if it is safe to fly?

Any other considerations one should take into account when buying a used wing?

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I bought my Dudek Universal 28 on Craigslist locally…

On this Facebook group are only Paramotor related sales>


You can look here : Redirecting...

Depends where in the world you are. There are Facebook groups selling secondhand equipment all over the world. Here in the uk, if you type into Facebook search, “secondhand paramotor equipment for sale” you should get a plethora of groups selling secondhand gear. But , if you do go down this route, I beg you to either be a trained Paraglider or paramotorist or someone who knows what he’s doing or get training. Buying secondhand can be a good idea however people with no or little knowledge end up buying from these sites thinking that they will learn on the go without professional expertise. I personally have seen 3 deaths in my short career as a free flyer and it’s a shame, just to save a few quid, they end up losing their lives. Leaving their families and friends to pick up the pieces, just because of a hobby. I don’t know you or your expertise. I hope I have not offended you. But as a fellow flyer it is my duty to make you aware. Good luck. And safe flying!

Before buying any paraglider, ask the seller if it has had a recent inspection. Paraglider fabric degrades with use, dirt, sand and exposure to UV rays. The inspection should include a porosity test and a line strength test, and usually any small repairs needed. Porosity is the ability for the paraglider fabric to hold in air without leaking air out through microscopic holes. A porous glider may look fine, but could be susceptible to stalling in flight…a very dangerous situation. Paraglider inspections are about $150-$200 (without shipping) at most professional repair shops. Annual inspections are typical and worth the peace of mind. Some shops that perform this in the US are Paramotor City, Paratour, Cloud 9 and Superfly to name a few.

If anyone here is interested in a new wing I’ll be doing a group buy with Ozone (already have a few friends that are in).
I’ll probably be ordering Monday or Tuesday this week so DM me ASAP if you’re interested in getting a new Ozone wing for a discount.

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@Bill I was wating for someone to post this, thank you.
The most important thing is to have a garantee of ispection.
It baffles me how people put up for sale totally crap canopies, without any concern for the person buying.

And since today is Saturday I will post this “entertaining” video of a German pilot who traveled to India and found that discarded european paragliders were being used in very unsafe ways.
Sorry if this seems off topic, but some people here might not have seen this video and it has its educating valure.

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Really! - respectfully, what world do you live in – we still have child porn and sex slavers - people killing because you look at them the wrong, money for drugs…endless!
With that type of sh!t still happening does it really surprise you that there are people still trying to sell others crap for a profit. How old is this phrase - caveat emptor.
There will always be people out there trying to scam someone. We have a long road to go before true whole human enlightenment. I know I will be long gone before it happens. All I can do is instill onto my children my respect for others and caution them that not all in this world share that.

Sorry if I put a bummer on this great page. Sometimes we need reality check.

Best Rgs, Patrick

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Hey Zach, can you get a price for the ultralight 4 glider and both the Ozo and Oxygen (PG) harnesses? I’m 195 lbs, so can potentially fly a 21, 23, or 25m size for free flight, but I’d like their opinion about which to go for if I’d like to fly with the engine too.

300lb pilot plus engine— what size do i need ?? Do they have a tandem wing that me get me off the ground?
I need a harness to, but i suspect i should be getting this info on my own. I am starting to sound like the TV commercial , “and can you get me that by Tuesday?” hahaha

Any help/opinion/idea is appreciated


Sky ads is useful for used kit. http://www.skyads.aero/

I went ahead and bought the used wing, so no need to look at anything for me. Thanks for the motivation, though - I found the exact model and size I wanted, with literally 10 minutes of air time for more than $1000 off. Great timing :slight_smile:

Paul, If you are still looking for a wing, I have a 32 sq.m Velocity Elektra 33 (XL) wing, from Blackhawk that I would consider selling. In the manufacturer’s earlier literature, it was apparently rated at 285 to 394 lbs. I weigh 175 lbs. but Blackhawk insisted this was the wing I had to buy from them because of the altitude (8,000 ft+) I would be flying at. It has never been flown with a paramotor but has been kited and free flown by me at times. I am retired and because of my age, I suspect their plans were to sell me a quad to go with their 220cc paramotor for which it is well suited. They think people my age are not going to be doing foot launches. Although I am now a P3 pilot, almost a P4, I am determined to continue foot launches as I now do in free flight. Am really excited about the electric paramotor concept thinking that even with minimal range, due to lack of battery capabilities, it can be well utilized to expand free flight options. With my weight, free flight is easily accomplished with a 28sq.m. wing even at high altitudes. When the time comes, I will just continue using this size wing with a paramotor.