Where/how to mount DC-DC Buck Converter?

Obviously we don’t want it flopping around in there. Where/how should we mount this?
I know that carbon fiber is conductive so probably bad to screw or ziptie it down to the frame.

I use a zip tie after wrapping it in heat shrink or electrical tape. Or you can 3D print a holder/cover.

Here’s a box I designed and used for the DC-DC converter. Just got my new avionics thanks @Pdwhite @zjwhitehead! Test ran and it works so much nicer then original 3.2 avionics. The voltage/amp meter is very quick to adjust to throttle settings unlike previous version, going flying tonight!

Box for DC-DC.stl (8.7 KB)


I just wrapped mine in that nice foam rubber that the motors came packaged in. It’s great stuff. Sliced off a slab of the thinner stuff in the bottom of the box wrapped it around the converter and zip tied it there. The foam wrapping fits tight between the carbon plates, protects it from vibration and debris, allows things to wiggle a bit if a wire gets accidentally tugged.

Notice I’m using the same foam to protect and secure connections at the switches and wires where they go into the motor arms.

I love the new avionics. Not sure why but they just feel … dependable. I wonder what the MTBF rate will be.

Agreed, I had beauty 22 min flight. I felt much safer with the new avionics, more information on remote. I could not depend on old hub as it failed many times. The altitude info is also really nice as I have controlled airspace 2000ft AGL, fly off my back yard mainly.

Sweet! I’m flying from a nearby park or the high school right next to it. I have class E airways at 1200’ msl which i’m allowed to enter. But I have to maintain 1000’ above the built up areas. Been practicing straight and level flight right around 1200’