Where do you put your radio?

Mainly for the Dudek harnesses. The shoulder straps are lacking loopy stuff and/or velcro patches that most other harnesses seem to have. Where do you clip your radio? Do you even carry your radio when you PPG?

I have the 5.11 tactical LV6 (https://www.511tactical.com/lv6.html) that I configure like a sling pack where the strap goes over my right shoulder and under my left arm. I keep my radio in the main compartment and my wallet and keys in the front zipper compartment. I also tether my phone and stow it in the hidden velcro pocket. The phone and radio are easily accessible in flight if needed.

I had a scare once with the side zipper compartment on my Power Seat and decided I would no longer feel comfortable with my wallet and key in there. I really like the LV6. I do not currently fly with a reserve, but I would like to front mount one at some point and am not sure the LV6 would work with that configuration.