Where can I test this?



I would love to, but I do not fly.
I’m a maker, i love making things.
I have been thinking about making something that flies, but it s kinda dangerous.
And i would like something simple, cheap, like e-skate but in the air.
Current solutions to fly while feeling outside air, do not appeal me much.

I stuggled with finding a supplier for specific electric motor, and click after click i ended up here this morning.

Openppg is exactly for me.

Where can i try it in Europe?



Guessing from your name (fourchette = fork) I would say you’re from france.

In the US you don’t need a license nor even training to fly with a powered paraglider, whereas in most european countries you do!
I am french as well, but live in Germany. Both in France and Germany you do need a license.
You may want to check out the DAGC (direction générale de l’avation civile) or search google for “paramoteur”

If you have a license, and you are willing to come to germany, I may let you test the OpenPPG once I have it :slight_smile: