Where can I find Geiger motor specs and buy?

I’m not finding any published specs for there motors or a purchase link. Seems to be a common motor so perhaps I’m just having a bad Google day.

In the US.

The easiest way is to write an email directly to Joachim Geiger. He will then send you the PDF with the technical information and prices. jgeiger@geigerengineering.de In principle, aviation equipment is not sold in online shops. Manufacturers such as geiger, hacker, rotex, mgm etc. only sell on request and sometimes only to companies, not to end users.

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I wrote. So are there dealers that have this info? In general, that’s the way business is done!

Companies that manufacture specialty products do not need dealers. aviation electric systems are not a mass product. Of course, the companies sell to other companies who then offer ready-to-fly systems. such as. geiger sold to skyjam system parts.

Here is what I got from Apr2021:
Preisliste 10_2019_ c.pdf (264.9 KB)
Drive setup overview_V1_1.pdf (191.8 KB)
EDrive Flyer technical specifications V1_2_english.pdf (603.0 KB)


Go here: Downloads - Avionics - Geiger Engineering
It has everything you need but prices. You will have to email them to get prices.
Contact - Geiger Engineering

It took them about a week to get back to me: FYI, for a complete plug and play system (28 kWh max motor, controller, two large batteries, display, throttle, prop, prop adapter, wiring,charger) it was just over 16,000 euros. That was without shipping or any customs fees. Nice system but a little rich for my blood.

Also in the US

Thanks all. Got it