When the beach is empty

I hope you will enjoy it.


I have a question about your video setup. I can infer that to produce the above video you intermixed ground shots with in-flight shots using some sort of editing software. While I’m also curious about what software applications you use for this, my question of the moment has to do with interfacing your camera with a cellphone to enable transmission of live in-flight surveillance video. Are you able to do this, or are you limited to playing back and editing recorded video after the flight? Do you use a separate camera such as the Go-Pro, or can you use the camera integrated into a smartphone? I ask because I imagine that the capability of live in-flight video transmission could amplify the usefulness of a PPG, especially a relatively quiet ePPG that could transit some noise-sensitive areas silently by temporarily halting the motor and gliding.

Hi, I only use GoPro cameras and Final Cut Pro-X on a Mac. I use two or three of them which I place strategically, picturing in advance what the shots will be to create the semblance of a story. They also have different fields of view.
E-PPG are not that quiet - the blade tips beat the air the same way gas units do. The only difference is that you do not hear the mechanical noise two stroke motors produce (exhaust pipe, rattling at idle, etc…).
I do not transmit live footage.
As far as being quiet in sensitive area, all pilots here go by FAR103 which stipulate flying like a gentleman and following its guidelines.