When might we see batch 4?

Can you describe what is different in the throttle control from previous batches? What improvements that have been made?

Better :rofl:

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Built in BEC and ESC ports directly on the board:

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Here’s a peak from hot off the manufacturing line.
This is a batch of new frame PCB that will but cut up into individual boards.

What do you guys think of the color? :slight_smile:


Where do you get the boards manufactured? And do you have the components come already soldered onto the PCB?

(Curious for my own variometer project.)

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We ended up going with PCBWay.
They do manufacturing and assembly in house so it’s nice and turn-key.

Another good option for first projects is https://www.seeedstudio.com/fusion_pcb.html

It’s much more expensive to have assembly done vs doing it yourself (the boards themselves are pretty cheap) but we wanted to ensure high quality and consistency.


Looks awesome!! Is this the final revision? When do you think batch 3 will start shipping out?

As Paul said here -

We’re still looking at roughly 4 weeks to get the controllers all in, at which time we will send out batch 3.

In more detail, the frame PCBs are on their way from the factory and the rest of the PPG parts look good to go. So while we wait for the controller manufacturing we will continue to get as much as possible pre-assembled so everything can get shipped to customers as soon as possible.

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@zjwhitehead @Pdwhite – it’s been 4 weeks… any update?

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The controllers are looking like they are 1 week out from delivery.

I’m excited! Do you think you’ll have the manual done by the time batch 3 ships? I want to feel comfortable that I know how to work everything before I put my life on the line and fly it.

Yes there will be a full video manual, its a bit easier to show how stuff works.


Perfect. Videos are better than PDF. Please include the details of battery mounting and charging. A good solution for mounting 8 bonka batteries would be awesome.


Newbie here. Apologies if this has been updated elsewhere, just couldn’t find it. Still looking at 4-5 weeks from now for batch 4 to open, since 3 is shipping now? Thanks much -

about 2 weeks from batch 4 opening up.


Thanks much, sir! Appreciate the quick response.

Wicked! I’m a guaranteed order for batch 4.

When might we can order batch4?


In about a month it will be open


We’ve been hard at work making improvements across the board. We’re really excited to announce more details as the launch gets closer.
Thanks for being patient!