When i forgot to recharge the battery

I headed out to fly the SP but had a surprise when I arrived at the site😵‍💫
Watch on YouTube if it doesn’t stat on this page. Enjoy!


Sweet flying spot. How long of flights are you getting fully charged

It depends on many factors - wing size - wing type - air density altitude - conditions of the day - your experience - how hard you will work the motor - your hooking weight, etc…
I fly half hour batteries and generally will be close to the 30mn mark. Sometimes more depending if I fly in ridge lift.

Sounds good. I’ve only had three flights on 1 hour batteries, with 43 minutes longest. But I didn’t go till it cutout

Another super video.
Glad to see that you are very careful to have juice in reserve as a decision point on when it’s time to land. Beats having to swim or climb out of a tree.

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