What your PPG training should be like

I put this little vid together for my students and PPG future students awaiting for the SP-140 OpenPPG to be commercialized. This particular student of mine didn’t want to wait. He purchased a gas units for now which he will get rid of when the SP-140 will come out😉 I actually have a few gas piston-head students who already have petro machines, and I would say that about half of them will sale their power plants to go electric. This is the location where I will train the OpenPPG students. It is facing south and the Atlantic ocean.
I only train my students for PPG after they have reached the USHPA (United States Hang Gliding Paragliding Association) P2 level (P2 = Novice). He actually already knows how to ridge soar. It is a rather long process to go through the 7 day course, mostly because of the weather, but those who stick to it diligently will reach their goal. Brad, the student, was taking his PPG1 Day-1 last Sunday. It only takes 2 days for PPG after reaching the PG P2 level (a 5 day course).
I can’t wait to train my first electric OpenPPG student with the SP-140. That will be another benchmark.
This footage will show you the step my students have to go through on PPG1 Day-1. There will also be a written test at the end for their USPPA certification.
Brad has also done PG towing. A wing does not know the difference between pushing and pulling😉 so towing helps the process.
What on a larger screen