What Wing Types Are you using?

What wings are you guys flying with on your OpenPPG?
Previously had a reflex Apco Lift PPG wing with my Nirvana and found it very reliable in air when others would head home, but this time I’m thinking differently.
My flying is short XC inland in the Caribbean at low altitude <2000 feet ASL

I’m looking at the Dudek V-King 23m single skin paired with the SP140 with 4kWh batteries. I weigh 115kg, so it will be well loaded with the 31kg SP140, gives me 9kg of payload up to the MTOW of 155kg
That would allow for another ‘lappack’ of 4kWh batteries for longer 2 hour XC flights.

Is the trend to still with full reflex or are you guys using other wing types?

I really like the Ozone Roadster 3. Great handling, can also be used for non motor flights.

Considering the “nil wind’ version, the Spyder.

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I have the original Ozone Spyder 26. I weigh 85kg and this wing works Great with my X4. I can reverse launch in Very low wind. I flew it with my Tornado 280 this evening in nil wind. I’m sure the new Roadster and Spyder are even better! Also, I can’t wait for battery energy density to improve. My X4 is so much fun to fly!


This is my first wing (ozone Roadster 3) and I just started ground handling it, I haven’t kited in higher winds yet and I need to take a wrap or two just so I have more control. I will definitely look at shortening the lines. I’m 5’7" for reference

Awesome. Couple of thoughts…You can adjust the trimmers out for kiting in higher winds. Also try kiting with the tip steering toggles. Enjoy! It’s a great wing!!

thanks!, know about trimmers, but i’ll have to try with tip steering.

Spyder (original) 24

Ozone spyder3. Can reverse launch in almost no wind. Very easy to kite. Gives plenty time to setup perfect launches with the motor

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Ozone Buzz Z3
I freefly this wing too.

My go-to wing of choice is the Dudek V-King 18 (I’m 65kg). The V-King is very compact and extremely easy to fly in almost any weather conditions (even zero wind no-hand launch), so I keep it in the car with the X4 and am able to fly on a whim. It’s also great to take on vacation, as it vacuum packs into my bag taking up barely any space! It’s also great for free-flying.

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Hi Grejen711
Do you use the same size wing for pgg and freefly or do you step up to a bigger size?

Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. Further supports my line of thought.

I’m flying the exact same wing for both free flight and my X4. I only own one wing so far. :grin:
The Buzz Z3 ML is 23.5 meters. I’m 77kg.

Thanks for answering Greg. I expect you’ll fly a lot faster and thermalling wil be more difficult with the extra ppg weight.

Yes definitely the landing approach is faster. I’ve not really tried thermalling with the OpenPPG. Many do but I’m still sticking to evenings and mornings so far.

Thanks for sharing! I’m starting my PPG adventure, just finished my second training (P1 in Poland, P2 in USA) and I’m planning on getting V-King 20 as my first wing (I’m 75kg), and I love the fact that it’s universal wing for both PG and PPG. I’m actually considering the “school” ES version, 3.55 kg instead of 2.32 for size 20, with sheathed lines and heavier fabric (plus the elegant silvery gray color option), but I’m still trying to learn as much as I can about it.

I don’t have my OpenPPG yet, just flying on fuel with a Nitro 200 and a Tornado 280.
Wings are: Ozone Freeride 19, Apco F1.22. The wings are both great, but I would not recommend them to anyone who is new to PPG or does get enough hours airtime per year, as they are more demanding.

When power (fuel) is not an issue, those small reflex wings with high wing load are great: stability and speed are superb.
… but you pay for it with a higher sink rate or lower glide angle.
My expectation is that small wings will considerably eat into your flying time, esp. when flying on battery. Just take a real world no power glide test like 500m down in both directions. Glide ratios on fast and small reflex wings are really bad compared to a regular paraglider with a way lower average wing load.

I am actually considering adding a larger and more efficient wing for E-PPG flight like e.g. the Advance Epsilon 9 Motor in size 30. My expectation is that this would increase flight times by at least 20% (Disclaimer: This is only an assumption for now!).
Once tested I am happy to share the results.