What type of Motors does everybody use

I’m using four 50cc OutRunner brushless. also running 280 amp ESC what is everybody else running I couldn’t find any information on it and I’d rather have more power than less

Interested to know what cost effective options are out there, brand new to the sport, literally stumbled upon the electric concept today. Never flown, want to fly, but i’m a diy guy, so i think i want to go this route. I was wondering all about motors. Are those Turnigy CA80 motors?

The OpenPPG kits have some custom designed motors now but we have tried out a few different motors. Do you plan on using your own frame? You just might want to check what motor mount options with those motors. If you want to see if they will work then send me the mount dimensions of those motors you got and ill see if they will work the frame. If you are going to build your own frame that’s cool just let me know when you get it build I would love to check it out when completed.

I’m not sure how much luck your going to have with those motors and ESC but let me know how they work out (Just doesn’t look like a terribly efficient setup, Also you shouldn’t need 240A ESC :face_with_raised_eyebrow: if you’re still able to return them that might be the best option)

Getting beefier ESCs never is a bad idea, they will be more sturdy and they hardly are less efficient, they usually just have better heatsinking and maybe more/better transistors.

They are more expensive and it’s not that the higher Amp ESC are less efficient it’s more of the ESC design that makes them less efficient and reliable/sturdy (I was also talking about motor efficiency here not just ESC). There have been big changes in ESC tech in the last few years and a good ESC makes a big difference in quite a few areas other than just efficiency ( easier motor start-up, smoother throttle response which in turn creates less heat for the ESC and therefore less of a need for a higher amp ESC) The MOSFETs are just better in some ESC (@DrLuke I don’t think you meant to say transistors).

Yes these are the equivalent of the ca80 motors from Turnigy. I just went to the manufacturer who also happens to have a sister company that produces ESC so they could match the ESC to the motor i think 170kw I don’t know if I got the kilowatts right equivalent to a 50cc gas engine that’s why I wanted four I want around the 200cc at least beat the power of a moster 185… the two new items I bought to complete the setup were five Servo testers GT power from HobbyKing and scalextric digital controller I’m wondering any issues people think I might be having with this setup I have a friend who was going to upload code and do all that kind of stuff I dropped that engineering school during programming, I’m more build your motorcycle type of guy but I’ve always wanted to fly and got into paramotor in a while ago but I always had crappy Motors so I figured if I design my own system it’ll only be my own fault… im hoping i can have some input from community

Thinking 4 18s packs for long flight just have to do some squats lol i want to use 18650 3400mah and build some packs like the the tesla wall…
But I’m also very interested in buying your setup that you’ve already created mine is just I’ve already have the stuff may as well continue building it

What do you think the T in MOSFET stands for? :wink:


True that haha but ya its a small part of it.

Well, it is the one component of the ESC that dictates how much current it can handle before cooking to death.

yes partly, but it also depends on the quality of the MOSFET and the software that is driving it is equally important. Strait up amp size is definitely not the only important factor that what I’m trying to say.

Goodv evening Paul, @PDWhite I’ve a quick question. I already have two Turnigy RotoMax 50cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motors from Hobby King from when I was trying to build my last project, along with ESCks. Would it be crazy to buy two more sets and use them in the kit you’re releasing soon? Would they be compatible with the throttle system for example? Just trying to save a few bucks, makes things easier to sneak past the missus!


Addit: should of read the preceding posts properly! Here’s the mount dimensions

@paul_oz well a few things off the bat that I see, 1) Those motors aren’t going to mount the current arms just because the bolt pattern is far to big to fit on the arms. If it was smaller you could just drill your own holes on the motor mount plate. 2) The FC and controller would be able to run the motors and all just fine, but the FC system that monitors RPM wouldn’t be able to see the RPM but you could disable that. 3) Im not sure how much you would be saving maybe $300? I’m definitely interested to see if you can make is work out but your losing some features, motor efficiency, and weight (those motor are more the double the weight, so an extra 5lbs with those motors) Again I’m all about trying different setups and ill be happy to help and see if you can get it to work.

Thanks @PDWhite for your extended answer. I agree, not worth the saving given the loss of features. I’ll use those motors in something else some time :slight_smile:

found an American site that does motors for pro hexacopters www.kdedirect.com with usefull data.props and escs

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With regards to the motors shown, can you confirm that they have the correct bearings for a push type propeller. They are designed for a pull type normally. I know that the larger motors in that range are not suitable for installation as a push type.
For the ESC, the motor maximum phase current, unit ambient temperature and switching performance determines the transistor in use, which is not the same as the bridge (in to/out of battery) current - it is often higher.

Could you indicate
a) Kv of the 4 motors (I suppose between 150 and 200 rpm/V)
b) Weight of one motor (i suppose between 1000 and 1500 g)
c) Rm (ohm) phase-phase resistance
d) Io no load under 24V and under 48V
e) configuration (nuts/coils ; number of poles)

multistar can drive a single 30" prop detail MultiStar Brushless Motors & High Efficiency Props - HobbyKing Daily - YouTube

i just had a thought and it will show how much i do not know about electric motors and props— so dont be flaming me----
I noticed that the motors in the video for Hobby King looked great–nice and flat---- but my questions are:

Can you just turn props over to use them as pushers vs pullers?

Or do we use a different type motor to make a prop push? Are there pusher and puller props?

Or do we wire the motor backward (reverse polarity) to make it spin in reverse?

In my mind I am thinking there must be pusher and puller type props…

OK have fun! This may leave a mark…lol