What nominal battery voltage do I need?


Can someone tell me what nominal battery voltage I need to run the ESC’s? In other words, how many cells in series do I need? 6S, 12S, etc.?

Also, does the batch 3 product come with a display unit showing voltage, current, rpm, etc.?



The system is designed around using a 12 (2 x 6s) battery Lipo setup. This will give around 50v when fully charged.

The batch 3 controller will be similar to batch 2 which displays battery voltage and capacity percentage estimate.


Would the controller be able to handle 14S li-ion (3.6V/cell nominal)? I have a line on a 14S li-ion battery pack with full BMS at over 200Wh/kg with 1000 cycle life.


Oh, and do you know what the prop rpm is at full throttle?


The controller is designed to be able to handle up to 60v. The frame mounted PCB has a voltage divider circuit that brings 60v down to 5v etc which is read by the controller and used to calculate the pack voltage.


Hi Zach, thank you for the responses! My battery is 11.2" x 13.4" x 4.75". Would that fit somehow on the frame?