What has e ppg come to?

I just found than Minne has a new electric paramotor.

I don’t know about any of you guys, but I think that if one of those motors failed you would find yourself getting tangled in paraglider lines and falling out of the sky. (imagine your paramotors torque literally multiplied by one thousand.) Anyone have any thoughts?

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The likely hood of an electric motor failing is pretty ■■■■ low but for sure I like four better than two for the reason you stated. His motors can be wired to torque against the yaw if one stopped due to electronic or wiring problems. I.e the right motor would torque right so if the left one stops the torque would somewhat counter the asymmetric thrust. Twin engine aircraft are designed for this (thought the prop wash on the rudder might be a bigger issue than torque).

His battery choice is lower gravimetric density than lipos or LiFe cells. The hard cases and built in connectors are dead weight. But he doesn’t have to wait months for his new Bonkas. He can get new packs at Lowe’s or home Depot.

The rig does look pretty sketchily engineered to me but there’s not a lot of up close info.

i’d kind of like to try it myself, but I sure don’t think it’s worth what
he’s asking for it.
I do have to say though that he’s not afraid to try
new things.
Good on him for that anyway.

No safety nets? It would not be too difficult to lose your hand in its current level of development

The thing that concerns me is the two in flight pictures. Looks like the motors are pointed down at a 45 angle to pilots back. Looks lile a bad thrust angle. I would want a video of it before buying

The whole thing does look like only 65% finished and kind of dangerous to me!
That said I like that the builder actually tries new ideas and builds stuff to a state that if can fly!
My advice - although this is only based on a few pictures - would be not selling it to the public at this state as it could seriously harm people, but rather go the extra 10 miles to finish it into a real product that offers acceptable handling and controllable risk.

An 80/20 classic :slight_smile:
It looks like 80% done, but 80% of the work is still required for the last 20% of the product.

I thought I’d seen everything, but there seems to be no limit to people’s imagination and what they will try next. I just saw a video of a guy who made a wooden paramotor frame and another with 16 props, another one a guy made a single skin paraglider out of plastic and flew with it.
YouTube is full of these things. Maybe a bamboo cage is next?

Links? You’re going to make us look that stuff up ourselves? :grin:

Sorry, that’s not easy to do on my phone.

I’ll try and find the other ones as well.

It’s hard to find these things if you don’t know the exact title. .

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my tip: search with the pc in youtube worldwide. terms mainly in german, french, spanish, russian, etc. only some are listed with english terms. you will find around 50 different eppg from the last 15 years. YouTube is smart and then remembers your search behavior and then automatically suggests similar videos to you. the more such videos (the people) you subscribe to, the more youtube can suggest. it works best on the pc if you are always logged in with your account. I don’t know why that’s so either. but it has been working very well for me for about 10 years.

Thank you, yes there are far more things in other languages than English.
Lot’s of ideas out there.

Thank you. Wow just noting that dozen motor job is actually a tractor design! The motors are all in front of him! Very interesting. No worries about anything going through the props but certainly a concern with all those props in your face. Make for a scary launch and landing. Also I wonder if it’s more efficient with the props 100% in clean air.