What 3D Printer Do You Have?

I really like my MK3… lots of improvements over previous versions including rigidity.

I have a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printer and it is a real workhorse. We use it at my firm for printing architectural models and model making elements like benches, trees, etc. I have also used it to print all the parts needed to rewire my Openppg batch 2 with the files provided by @GliderPilot . Yes, the MakerBot is one of the more expensive printers on the market but we have printed hundreds of hours of models/parts and had no issues.

the Mk1 caused a big turn off for frame design even if improved.
Still i probably used it for over 800hr and 12 rolls of filament over the last 5 years and its time to take it out back and put it down…
I’ve replace the main board before and this one is starting to mess up now. i keep getting homing and heating failures at random sometimes one after other… its not worth the $45 replacing again at this point.

Lots of great input – thx to everyone

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1st print on new printer

Printer at work was going to be too limited for access – farming out to somewhere else would in the end not be cost effective to print…and I just wanted on for the heck of it.

So I reviewed and got the best cheapest one I could bast on the reviews out there – the Creality Ender 3 seem to check all the boxes — price, size, quality enough prints for applications I need to do.


I have a Creality 10S Pro.

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Flashforge Finder - the kids are on it all day, but I get to run prints at night.