Weight of SP140

I found previous posts about the weight of the Sp140, but it’s not clearly stated. What is the total weight of the SP140 with the :30 minute battery, Dudek Power Comfort harness (large size), two blade prop and no reserve? As far as I can tell, it’s 58 lbs. Same question, but with the 1:00 battery onboard.If I can get accurate weights, then I can decide if I’m going to use the SP140 for foot launch or trike flying.

I don’t have a 1/2 size battery, but I believe it’s 63 lb.

With the full size battery I measured mine at 78 lb.


Is that 78 lbs. with a reserve?

If you don’t mind me asking… What is your body weight.

That’s with no reserve. I weigh 160 lb.

If this helps your decision, since the battery is right against your back, it doesn’t feel as heavy while standing.

1 hour battery weight is 45.2 lbs. Hope this helps.

Speaking of Trikes for the Sp140…are there any new good Trike options out there? Pictures would be awesome. Thanks.

I’m the same, 160lbs. Truthful, I don’t think I can handle 78 lbs on my back. That is why I was thinking of using the :30 minute battery instead. Other posts are stating a hang test problem for light weight people. Did you have any trouble with hang testing your motor? Light weight people are having to install shorter engine mounts and modified swing arms to compensate (move tilt angle more upright). Also wondering if you solely own a SP140. Or do you also own a gas paramotor?
I greatly appreciated your insights.

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I didn’t have any problems with my hang angle, but my hook in points were moved back as far as I could get them without moving down the vertical portion of the arm. So you should be fine. Paul has some new arms designed that should fix this for lighter people. Not sure if they will be available for the next batch or not. Either way, I’m sure he would be fine with you trading in once they are available.

I still have my first motor, a miniplane top 80, but I solely fly my sp140. Between my friend’s maverik with a moster 185 with gas and my sp140, I can’t tell much of a difference in weight.