Weight of complete X4 configuration

Hi, I discovered this project and it’s very interesting. How much weight with 4 6S22000 battery ?
is there an automatic cut off when lipos reach low level ? thanks and blue sky :wink:


My X4 weighs 22 lbs empty, 44 lbs with four batteries, although I almost never fly with 4. Minimum for me is 6 but that is because I’m a little on the heavy side. :slight_smile:

My batch 6 controller does have a low voltage cut-off, but there is tons of warning before it gets there.

Thanks for tout answer :wink:, what Time do you fly with 6x6s lipos ?

Do you feel vibrations in flight like a normal paramotor ?

How do you know when your batteries are empty ?
Noise warning or visual on the throtle stick?


Flight planning. On the X4 you can and should watch the voltage and also the % remaining. But mostly I use the timer.
With four batteries I want to be gliding distance from my lz at ten minutes from launch. This gives me at least two go arounds if I mess up the approach or ??. I charge to 95% and I’m really not pushing my batteries.
Your results will vary, but not much. Adjust for your conditions and pilotage, but not much.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

As Greg mentioned above, I fly on voltage. Once I get to 40 volts it’s time to land. I get 16 minutes with 4 batteries, 22 with 6 and an even 30 with 8. I have hit cut-out at 32 minutes with 8 but have only done that once…

Batteries are too expensive to lose because of trying to get those last few minutes…

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Also, doing this can be dangerous. Those last (relatively) few ergs of available energy in the battery will not have the power of the first few. Unless your lz is forgiving, or your spot landings are very consistent, you want to have enough to go around without risking a cut out.