Washing machine motors

Anyone every look at these.
Washing machines have to turn a lot of weight - I have no idea what rpm my washer is doing when it going full tilt in spin but it looks and sounds fast.
A new stator and rotor are cheap replacement parts - than if you can find a scrapped washer with good motor??
3 phase - Check
What is the KV??
Then there is the controller aspect - what could be used ??

A good vid of a Bike motor that shows someone with a good skill set can convert a rotor to their needs. Also uses a VESC controller

hello, look how many watts the machine has maximum power. that is always with heating. the motor alone usually needs a maximum of approx. 800 watts. You can see the speed on the front of the machine when you start it up and select the spin program. when you then measure the pulleys. you can calculate the nominal speed.

There are no pulleys but I was fairly certain it would not have high enough power rating.

that was a test :slight_smile: so you can see the question about the rpm by reading the display of the machines.

there have already been many who have used the stator of the washing machine for self-made motors. however, for projects in the range of a maximum of 1.5 kilowatts. with us there was for example. solar / e cars as projects for technical schools. here only washing machine engine parts were rebuilt and rewound.