Wanted to buy V4/V5

If anyone has pre-owned V4 unit to sell or have changed their mind on a V5 I’m a cash buyer.
Will need to ship to Miami to come to Dominican Republic or I’ll come and pick it up personally.
Will also consider purchasing a spare battery pack too
Thanks in advance

Hi Dan,
I have a V2 Openppg fully assembled and flying unit put together by an electrical engineer that has the upgrades to make it an updated machine. I also live in Bradenton, Florida. We may be able to arrange a meeting so there will be no need for the expense of shipping. Call or text me at (941)462-9702 and let’s see what we can work out.


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Hi Bill
Sounds great. I’m keen.
Can you please send me a few pictures of the unit? Even a video of it in flight or running up on your back.
What batteries are you running and offering to sell with it?
How much are you asking?
I’m back home for a week in Australia.
I’m flying back through Miami on Saturday December 7th.If we could meet at the airport at 4pm that would work for me.

Dan Brearley

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