Vibrations and rpm

I hope you will enjoy it!


Pleas and thank you. Great video. Do you attribute the shake to an unbalanced blade? Or some aspect of the blades?

Shakes: could be a multitude of things. The camera was mounted on a fairly flexible mount and hence, the slightest cage vibration would be emphasized the vibrations but I do not feel any of it - all good!:smiley:

I like the ideea of one angle of the video being towards the motor, is that a go pro/similar or a smaller camera?

I also believe that it is due to the sensitivity of the action cams when wave-shaped images are created. It’s not the propeller’s fault. I made a lot of videos a few years ago, mostly to test folding propellers. The position of the cam can be seen in the video as an example. I simply attached the GoPro to the frame with cable ties.

An old Gopro with a light camera clamp

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I like how it records the sound of the prop also. Which go pro model is it? I’ve bought an Akaso brave 7, it has a lot of accesories but the sound is almost nonexistent. Now I have to search for something else.

I think it was the first model.

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