Vibration feedback for low battery warning


I was just imagining myself flying OpenPPG and having way too much fun to be paying attention to the remaining charge levels until the batteries run out of power and the propellers stop…

It would really be awesome to have a little smartphone style vibrator (insert your favorite joke here) integrated into the throttle controller – when batteries reach 25% capacity it gives you two short vibration pulses (just one pulse could be missed during the excitement of flying). When it gets down to 15%, three short pulses. 5% it pulses continuously (unless that would be too distracting while trying to land?).

The vibration motor is pretty cheap (~$2) so shouldn’t add much in terms of cost. But it would be a nice safety feature since actual flight time can vary significantly depending on many factors (weight, wing, weather, flying style, etc) and no pilot likes nasty surprises.

Just some ideas…


excellent idea . very preventative


I like your way of thinking :slight_smile: Hmmm I think Ill know where to stow my controller for power off landing :yum:


LOL!!! Especially once it gets down below 5% :joy: