VHF radio interference with SP140

I’ve noticed that when I plug in my SP140 battery, my VHF airband radio has constant electronic interference that prohibits it’s use—has anyone found the same and (if so) figured out how to resolve the issue? The radio is an Icom A16 (brand new) and works well when the motor is unplugged----if it’s connected and turned on, there’s a constant squelch/static that does not turn off, regardless of squelch adjustment nor when Tx button pushed. I was thinking about getting one of those magnetic cable blocks that some cables have, and putting it on the battery cable but didn’t know if this would interfere with the safe operation of the motor.
Has anyone had similar issues?
Thanks for any help offered!

I have a similar issue with my X4 and A14. It is reduced significantly if I hold the antenna vertically close to my chest. I guess my body attenuates the interference a lot but that does make me wonder how well the signal from the X4 transmits out behind me. Also I only had the issue when under power. With the motors not spinning it was fine.

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Same radio…same problem here with my SP140. I can still use it, but it is not great.:face_with_diagonal_mouth: The problem is not as bad with my X4 either. Let me know if you find a solution…I’ll do the same.

Bill, I’ve picked up a few ferrite rings I plan to secure to the battery cables—I’m hopeful it will act like those cable shield kind of things and at least make the radio useable (right now mine isn’t even a little useable over the interference). I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Btw the rewritten 6.0 firmware I just released seems to handle interference much better. Try it out at config.openppg.com
Curious if that solves some of the issues for you


Following this topic as I also have an Icom radio and have to use it to communicate with Air Traffic when I fly in certain locations. I have not used it with the SP140 yet, but if I can’t communicate via the radio, I won’t be permitted to fly in these locations. Praying someone finds a fix soon.

I noticed this on my A14 with my X4. Keeping the antenna vertical directly in front of my chest seemed to shield it quite well. However I don’t know if that also shields or attenuates the signals I want to send and hear from behind me.