VESC project and controller

Has anyone come across or used the VESC hardware / firmware? Ive been looking into building an e-foil and e-paramotor using the same battery setup. The e-foil community use the VESC stuff almost exclusively.

This controller looks suitable for most single motor paramotor builds.

Thanks. Mike

Hi, I’ve also been building e-foils for about 2.5 years. motors with 2, 6, 8 or 14 poles are used here. yes vesc work just fine. meanwhile. there were various difficulties at the beginning. in aviation, motors with 42, 48 or 60 poles are used. that is a different performance class. i use vesc myself for other projects. I think it will take some time before these can be recommended as safe for aviation.

I’m testing a for my twin power hang glider setup. I’m still bench testing it but it was a real hassle to get it to spin right due to the high pole count on the motors. The ERPM is very high for the VESC won’t work at all with the older models. Not sure it will work under load or be reliable. The main advantages of the VESC are 1) telemetry, 2) brake, and 3) BEC. For higher current draw the APD esc’s can handle and are more appropriate for high ERPM. I would have gone with 2 of the smaller APD’s but they communicate with DSHOT and there wasn’t a good Arduino library available (at least 1 year ago). They also don’t have built in BECs, but thats not a big deal. Hope this helps.