V2 Openppg for sale, complete with 2 chargers

Openppg fully electric paramotor with 4 Bonka 6s 22,000 mah batteries and four electric motors with 22" wooden props. An electrical engineer friend of mine helped me build it, so it has been assembled to professional standards and updated with quality parts. Thrust is approximately 150 lbs. The electric motors provide instant, quiet (silent at idle), smooth, vibration free and torque free response. The push-plunger throttle has a digital readout screen showing battery power left during flight, just glance at it to see how much power remains. The counter-rotating props cancel out all torque. The comfortable Air Conception medium low hangpoint harness is fully adjustable and has lots of padding. The cage arms fold in next to the frame like petals on a flower to enable this unit to be transported in a trunk or back seat of a car. Length of flight with two batteries is about 13-15 minutes, and with all four batteries 28-40 minutes depending on weather, wing loading, flying habits and paraglider. The carbon frame, cage arms, aluminum hoop, netting, motors and harness weigh only 22 lbs. Total weight of all 4 batteries is about 23 lbs. . No more concerns about difficult pull starting, piston seizures, fuel/oil mixture, torque effect, fuel smell, fuel stains, bulky transporting, loud engines, difficult to start procedures or spark plugs fouling. Just charge the batteries the day before your flight with the two chargers included. I recommend the buyer know about electronics or be willing to learn in order to enjoy flying this unit. The waiting list to buy a kit is 3 to 6 months on average, this one is built and ready to fly, including batteries and 2 Keestone C1-XR Intelligent balance chargers/dischargers. It is located in Bradenton,Florida. Price is $4,700 plus shipping in the U.S. only. Email me at bhocker2001@yahoo.com.

How? I get 13-15 minutes with four of those batteries leaving a comfortable reserve of five minutes.

Ah you mean four pairs of batteries? 40lbs would be eight of the 22,000mah 6S Bonkas. Not four.

Hmmm…you get only 13-15 minutes with four batteries? Maybe it’s because I weigh 141 lbs and I’m using a wing a little larger than many ppgers use? I also fly up to altitude and search for thermals, which can save battery power. I rarely go anywhere near full power, even during launch.

You are correct about the weight of the batteries being too heavy. I just weighed them. A two battery pack weighs 11.5 lbs., so the four pack of batteries weighs 23 lbs. according to my scale. Thanks for the correction!

Why are you selling it?

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Hi Jeremy,
I’m selling because I don’t have a lot a electrical knowledge, and my friend that helped me build it is too busy with his work to help with it should
anything go wrong. I also have 4 other gas motor units to fly, so this one sits in storage most of the time. It runs and flies perfectly, there’s nothino
wrong with it at all.


I’m tempted. I have a batch-6 on order that will probably be arriving soon, entertaining the thought that a spare might be good for parts and whatnot (also I want to get in the &^%$ air, now).
So, question for someone who knows more about these than I do: is there, other than the frame, any parts tradeout potential between this one and the latest version?

The batteries of course don’t care what they power as long as the amp draw is in range and it will be*.
The harness will fit. My batch 4 has the Dudek Power Seat.
The hoops and net will fit. I don’t think those changed.
The Props will fit but might be a different pitch than the batch 4 and up.
The motors will fit but are a different velocity* (more rpm/volt) than the batch 4 and up.
The motor speed controllers are the same.
The motor arm ends are different at the tips.
The arm locks are updated for batch 4 and up to snap tabs instead of the 1/4 turn lock.
All the electronics are updated. I’m not sure the controller (throttle) is compatible.
The leg and body parts are the same but not sure why you’d ever need spares of those.

*Batch 4 and up is designed to run higher voltage of 14S (7S X 2) LiPo rather than 12S. I run my batch 4 on 12S and it climbs nicely. You may want or need the full power of 14S on your batch 6)

Thanks for that information, Grejen, I would have had no idea how to respond to that question. You know your Openppg versions well, Grasshopper!

Here are a couple more pics of my Openppg electric ppg I have for sale. It’s in like-new condition, and it runs perfectly.

This Openppg unit has been sold. Can’t figure out how to remove the posting.