Using the SP140 as my soar aid motor with the smallest battery

Soaring is an incredibly safe and soothing way of paragliding. If you are soaring on the coast you are assured that you are always flying in a nice steady sea breeze. The chance of collapsing is then zero. Flying with the emergency chute is therefore nonsense. There are many places in the world where you could soar beautifully. But it is often difficult to find a suitable place to start from. Most ideal starting spots are often completely inaccessible. How nice then to start from an easy and safe place with a soar aid motor, for example the SP140 from Openppg. But there is a much bigger problem at most soar spots. Very often there are no safe landing spots along the coast. I am not talking about the Netherlands with its beautiful sandy beaches, but coastal areas where many rocky slopes merge into the sea. If the wind drops there, there are no safe landing spots at the bottom of the rocky soar slope. Either you end up in the sea or you hit the rocks. How nice then is it to engage your soar aid motor when suddenly the wind dies down? See here a soar video of me using the SP140 from the American Openppg. In the beginning of the video I have the SP140 soar aid motor turned off and I am just soaring in the elevator belt of the soar slope and further on in the video you can see that I turn on my electric soar aid motor briefly to regain altitude. For me this is the most ultimate methode to enjoy flying.


Best regards,
Erwin (the netherlands)


Are you using the large or smaller battery? Thanks!

I am using the small battery. I wanted the lightest configuration.

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I’m a big fan of soaring / free flying too. And the SP140 should be a brilliant solution as flight assistance. But I must disagree about the risks. The chance of collapse is of course NEVER zero, and flying with a reserve is NEVER nonsense. Of course if you only fly as low as shown in the video, you would be most likely below safe opening altitude.


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You’re right, I shouldn’t have written that. It is certainly not my intention to promote flying without reserve to other people.