Unveiling the sp 140 around manhattan


What does any of this have to do with Manhattan, NYC? Is there another manhattan?

There is no joke here, merely confusion. When I read “manhattan” in the above title “Unveiling the SP140 around manhattan”, the image which came to mind was of New York City in the USA. The video, however, is clearly unrelated to such an image. Therefore I seek to understand the title, Phil. Could you please explain?

For the locals who are defines a part of the boroughs around Manhattan - Queens - Brooklyn - the Bronx, and Staten Island. We still consider a pilot being a local to a certain extend, if he resides on Long Island or northern New Jersey, south Connecticut or Eastern Pennsylvania. Anything with a two hour drive from Manhattan is considered local. We travel a lot to various sites around Manhattan (NYC) for day trips. Pilots including those residing in the city will head out to about 4 or 5 locations depending on wind directions and if they fly PG (mountains or flat-land towing) or PPG.
Sorry for the confusion about “Fun around Manhattan”.
In the NE of the US. we will regularly travel as far as New Hampshire https://flymorningside.kittyhawk.com/ or New England https://www.paraglidenewengland.com/ or Brace Mountains in upstate New York where the first part of the video took place https://mtbraceclub.com/ or Clubs | The Hyner Club or the Ellenville Flight Park https://ellenvilleflightpark.com/ or towing in New Jersey (second part of the video), or
Plymouth and Cape Cod Paragliding Plymouth Sagamore Beach -- June 2019 - YouTube
Long Island is a sardine can and the local site we have is on the north shore from Sept to April before the winds shift south and the place becomes useless to PG pilots. The south shore is great during the winter after the beaches close on Labor Day in Sept. until Memorial Day when they reopen and we get kicked out.
It is tough to fly in the NE of the US. unlike on the west coast such as in San Diego where it is flyable about 300 days a year. The Torrey Pines Glider Port is a popular destination https://www.flytorrey.com/
Long Island where I live has good PPG possibilities if one can find a location to launch from. One of my graduates GMI STUDENT 2020 PPG FLIGHT - YouTube
And last at the south shore of Long Island AUTUMN POWERED FUN - YouTube

Thanks, Phil. Now I understand that when you said “around manhattan”, you had a much wider range in mind, on the order of a hundred miles or so. I suppose that’s not unreasonable for many aviators, who would likely fly that far for the proverbial “hundred-dollar hamburger”. I just didn’t think of that context for PPG-ers. I’m originally from Philly, myself, which I guess would have put me within the southern limits of your range. Now, of course, I’m in Israel, where the weather is fine most of the time and I’m pondering whether ePPG is really something I can use. I’m more interested in functional applications like aerial surveillance and S&R. I’ve had a few lessons, but to progress any further I must purchase equipment and I’m not quite there, yet.

I am a vegetarian😆
Good luck with your training.