UK pilots openppg


Got my openppg today and I’m super excited. Unfortunately I’m a Paraglider looking to get into ppg. I received my kit but harness was separate and not attached to the main unit. I have to attach the apco split leg harness onto the frame. Is there anyone up in or near halifax, West Yorkshire I can possibly liaise with and get the harness attached to the unit? Also would like to attach the 8 bonka batteries to the unit too, but on the main unit I only have 2 red wires and 2 black wires coming out. I would like to fly with all 8 batteries attached but don’t know how to do it. Would appreciate a little help!


I can shoot a quick video on how I have the harness attached, and will link here. Tonight will be my first hang check. :slight_smile:


That would b a great help! :+1::blush:
Where in the uk are you by the way?


Here’s the video:

Also, here’s the APCO Video I reference:

Unfortunately I’m not in the UK, I’m in the states.


Thanks dude! That’s cleared up a lot of confusion!:pray::+1:


@azzkhan If I may suggest: get some training for PPG, before you attempt to fly it!

If you’re a paraglider, great, you’ve come a long way and probably have some good experience in free flight. But Kiting a wing, (or “groundhandling” as we say in germany) is not necessarily something that you have practised a lot ? You’ll also need to make sure that you launch your wing (either forward or reverse) perfectly, that it is perfectly above your head, before you really push the throttle and start running, a PPG trainer may be able to help you a lot.

As far as I know, you also need to have a license to be able to fly PPG in Europe…


Thank you Etienne. Yes you are right. I plan on doing to do the 3 day conversion course to convert my license to ppg. However I want to do the course on my kit and not on a petrol paramotor. From my understanding the concept is the same as in groundhandling but there is no torque twist as such. Which is why I want to learn on my own setup. Only once I have assembled and set it up correctly and safely will I undertake the course, hence the reason for asking these amateurish questions!


I missed an important connection, reshot this morning and updated the video above.


Thank you Adam! Yes that’s awesome!


I would recommend practising on both your rig, and a gas powered one, for two reasons:

  1. Knowledge and experience! You never know when you may want to borrow a buddy’s motor, and having that experience will greatly help.
  2. You probably aren’t going to get a day’s worth of launches and landings out of a set of batteries.


PPG in the UK is unregulated. No license, certification, or registration required.
Basically you could buy a paramotor from ebay and fly perfectly legally as long as you obey the Air Navigation Order.


I thought in the UK you had to be licensed by the BHPA?


Hi Paul , the BHPA deal gets you approved training & legally insured LOL and 3rd party cover ,so yes its ideal to be a member and at least club rated paraglider pilot to use sites etc but paramotoring can be undertaken if ones damm fool enough to even think about the via Internet or the my mate showed me how school of training (definitely not recommended or NOT likely to get insured either) Cheers


What you will need to learn first and spend a lot of time doing and


Always nice to have a good steady wind to practice kiting.
Rare in my area!