Turnigy 6S lipos

Hi all,
I have run 6S Turnigy packs on my electric bikes for some years, and thought it worth comparing their largest offering.

Turnigy are 20AH and 2.58kg each, $187
Bonkas are 22AH and 2.54kg each, $220

6 Turnigy would be 60AH, 15.48kg, $1122
-> 2.66kWh. 172Wh/kg. $421/kWh

6 Bonkas is 66AH, 15.24kg, $1320
-> 2.93kWh. 192Wh/kg. $450/kWh

So the Bonkas are ahead by a good margin on energy density.

The continuous C rating is 12 on the Turnigy, that is worth 720A with 3 in parallel, so should be operating well within its safe area at full climb power.

Perhaps it could be interesting if there’s difficulty getting the Bonkas outside the US. You would get 10% less run time but 20% cheaper if my sums are correct.


Oops.I didn’t see the battery comparisons thread before I posted this.