Tucker Gott wants to test an electric Paramotor

Anyone of you guys live in or around New Jersey?

Tucker Gott, a “paramotor influencer” wants to test electric Paramotors:

Maybe you can connect with him, and let him fly your OpenPPG?
Would be cool to see the OpenPPG on his channel


@zjwhitehead Send the SP140 prototype!

Hmm… this is an interesting area/topic.
Tucker is involved with the Paradigm aerobatic team, headed up by Eric farewell, from aviator ppg, great training group in Florida.
Long story short, that group has followed this group with interest, is working on their on option, and is also in talks with an electric ppg group (don’t know who) incase that option works out to be the best. Aviator ppg (last I heard) was still testing but not pushing (busy with main business) to be able to loose another 10 lbs on the rig, and would really only pursue it if no other company was coming out with any good option / direction.
So, obviously from that video, Tucker was referencing this company, is aware and directly connected to aviator ppg, so I don’t know if this group is positioned to take on that kind of extra push, or if demand/progress is at the right point to take that on. But when it is time, heck yeah! Get that out there, ramp up production, abd get that price down! Lol.

I do like Tom Kubat’s videos, but I was not impressed with the progress that Aviator is making with their electric; although, I realize that it is still a very early and rough prototype. I do agree with the previous comment…let Tucker fly the SP140!

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He lives 20mn away from my school fields but unfortunately, I decided after teaching PG/PPG there in New Jersey for so many years, I decided to quit driving to the location and sod fields because the traffic is getting worse by the day and it takes me 2:30 and 3:00 hours one way to come back home after a day ateaching. Tired of going to bed with my boots on.
I watched the nice video but he is not exactly fully well informed on the topic. I squeezed a few links to my channel and vids "The Electric Buzzard) to respond to a few people who were walking beside their shoes regarding the topic. Everybody is and expert!:joy: Maybe he will reevaluate his opinion after trying the SP-140. Who knows?!


Ya I’ll have him try out the Sp140 one it released and shipping. The Sp140 it really the best option for the mainstream of paramotor pilots. So I’m sure I’ll get Tucker one his way in a bit.

@DailyShorts Last I talked to Eric a few months ago he said they weren’t pursuing their electric unit anymore. Kinda wanted to see how it would turn out but its always is harder and more expensive than anticipated. And he said when he saw we have been working on a single prop unit he wasn’t going to invest any more into their unit. So what you said makes sense @DailyShorts


That’s awesome, and enjoyed seeing the (limited info) video. Always glad to hear of the direction/communication within our groups. Small world eh?