Tubercles - for more efficient propellers and wings

Here’s a thing. Quite an amazing thing.

Apparently, the efficiency of aerofoils can be significantly increased by adding ‘tubercles’ to the leading edge. This improves both wings and propellers.The tubercles increase efficiency, allow a higher angle of attack and soften out the effects of a stall. And they make the wing/prop quieter. Inspired by the hump back whale.

Here’s a paper describing the effects of various parameters and how more than 20% efficiency can be gained in a prop.

Some more stuff.

Apparently GIN paragliders are working on a wing with a Tubercle leading edge:

And you can download a CAD model from GRABCAD

20% more flying time and a quieter prop. So, who’s first to get to work with a file on the leading edge of their prop then?! :smiley:

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hi, at very high speeds and fast flow, the turbulators on the leading edge work very well. But it was not further developed for ultralight aircraft and ppg because the speeds do not fit well here, for example when cruising. here it is deteriorating. (in my opinion after many tests) air nozzles on the underside of the propeller and air inlet ducts on the front have much more potential. Spikes at the ends bring about 3% more thrust and a reduction in volume of about 1.2 dba. Zigzag bands glued on in 2/3 bring about an increase of up to 5% in certain speeds. in a few months you will see different systems and performance data on my page “ / .at / .de” greetings

Hi. Just to be clear, I was refering to Tubercles not Turbulators. The pictures you show have tubercles. Do those props provide significantly more efficiency?

Its seems like a very promising technology. Are you saying that you will be publishing real world performance data soon? I will be interested to see the results of your investigations.

  1. picture ( leomotion has tubercles ) yes more infos 2021 in videos on my channel in yt.