Trying to practice kiting

Until I can afford to go get trained, I got an old small sized wing to practice ground handling. I tried kiting it early this morning, but there seemed to be not enough wind. It just comes up and then falls back down. Tried a couple of hours later and same thing. Waited until about 11:30 and tried with a bit more breeze, it just about dragged me off into a swamp. I managed to get it down and folded up right away, before I hurt myself. Might try again this evening after the air calms down. It’s hard to judge when is just enough wind. Supposed to be about 9 km at 7pm. With this old wing, I need quite a bit to keep it in the air.
Sorry if this is the wrong forum to be posting this kind of stuff.

See if you can find a small hill with about a thirty degree slope facing into wind. As a beginner a small up component to the air flow will help you a lot. Try to visualise the flow of air by imagining how water flows over and around a brick in a small stream scale up that mind picture to your surroundings. An older wing will always be harder to kite as the designs have improved considerably so it’s not just you. I’ve been paragliding for eighteen years and my Rush4 is sooooo easy compared to my old Electron and as for my first wing, an Airways Samba! There’s no words. Also, you were wise to quit when the wind grew stronger. If it pulls you over or even worse drags you it’s too strong. You won’t learn anything useful about ground handling but you may learn about you local ER!


Thanks for the tips. I need all the help I can get.
There are a few small hills in the area, but they are a bit of a hike off the roads. It’s hard to find one that’s not covered with trees. The wing is an old. Edel Apollo I got cheap off of eBay. I can see that I will have to invest in a better kiting harness.
The one I have is not the best. The local soccer
Field is surrounded by trees as well, but it works for no wind practice.

It’s all a bit counter-intuitive but once it clicks it’s awesome. Here’s a good started video if you’re just learning by yourself AviatorPPG Ground Handling DVD - FULL LENGTH - YouTube

Thank you, it all is good. The Lord has
It all in control, it’s just me who gets things
Messed up. It will all work out somehow.

I hope those vids will help a bit.



Thanks very much. Those videos are very clear.
Probably a bit too advanced for me yet. If I can find a place with a good steady
breeze like that it would help.

If I can ask a dumb rookie question, Why do you not cross your brake toggles while
(in the 2nd video)?
Every other video I’ve watched recommends crossing the brake toggles along with the risers,
so they’re already in the right hands when turning around.

I’ve gotten some useful hints from reading some old discussions on a paragliding forum.
I think I’ll try using the A’s and C’s next time.

The reason behind it is because it is terrain adapted. The crossed brake line technique just does not work in our environment where students have to deal with a cliff. I was offering a conversion course to pilots who wanted to switch to this technique but do not have enough time to do it anymore. We have seen so many visiting pilots, even advanced ones, getting themselves in hot waters because they could not handle the terrain for being used to wide open, obstacle free, gentle slop takeoffs. It takes a bit more time to learn this technique, but the pilot is always better off at the end once he understands how it works.
Take a look at 5:58 as a typical example of a P3 certified visiting pilot North Shore Kiting August16th 2017 - YouTube

Thank you, I think I understand, but I recognize that you are a master at work, I’m just beginning.
I will study your videos for future reference.

I have to add that it is a beautiful thing to watch a master perform his craft.


Praying for sunshine.

I may have a chance at getting training this fall if the weather warms up.
I contacted an instructor and he is willing to do the training (if weather conditions permit).

We need a month of sunshine with no rains overnight.

All things are possible to them that believe. :sunny: