Trottle Controller testing - V3.2

I had a short with my hub that burnt some control wires and an ESC. I’m trying to test to see how far the damage has gone. Looks like there are some issues with either the hub or the controller.

Anyone know how to test a v3.2 controller? I understand that the plug on the bottom of the controller isn’t powered for the version 3 units (mine doesn’t power up this way either).

Right now I have a fast flashing green light on the hub and a fast flashing red “power” light on the controller, but neither the LED button or the LCD screen on the controller lights up.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Does anyone know what the four wires from the controller do? I assume red and black is power and ground. Thoughts on the other two?

What does this mean?

It looks like the power stepdown/BEC is not working. There shouldnt be a flashing light on the hub part.
You should be getting a constant 5V out. Im guessing you arent so thats why the controller isnt working either.

It is a solid light when the controller is unplugged…

Can you plug in a receiver battery in one of the esc’s ports to bypass the bec and test the controller like a Rc receiver?

So with the controller unplugged, I read 5.2v at the output pads. With the controller plugged in, it drops to 2v.

Now how do I measure amps out of the bec? Is the controller shorted or is the bec not outputting enough volts.

My main short was from the esc 5v ground to the esc main hot. The esc’s control and ground is now an open circuit so it burned something on the esc board. But did the circuit go through the hub and controller to get back to the battery ground?

So I put 5V to the board. Nice steady two green LED’s on the hub, steady red in the controller. Screen and arm LED on controller is still dead, controller will not arm.

Is it fair to say the controller is dead as well?