Tractor configuration in a Badland ultralight

We want to put an SP140 set up (or bigger) in tractor configuration on a Part103 Badland Aircraft and fly it to Oshkosh! Looking for used setups, ideas, teammates, and support!

Whatchya got community?


First thing i think to help you get sorted out is, what is the power consumption at level flight and at takeoff and climb?

With that we can figure out what kind of system would be best for you.

I’ve flown a badland with 26hp and with 38hp. Both are fun. 50 would be amazing!

So you’re saying fly a stock 140 set up and see where our consumption sits?

Well if you are not sure of your power requirements that could be a good place to start. Just to see what you need to hold level flight. Its always nice to have more some maybe getting a bigger motor latter would be good to.