Towing the newbies with an electric winch

While waiting for the SP-140 I have been using a different electric motor😁 to train my students.
I hope you will enjoy this vid from last weekend. This time, I did a first with another electric device. Had this in mind for a few months, and it worked great. Because of it we tripled the numbers of tows we were making before that on the same fields.


Wonderful setup, Phil! I love the way you think! :wink:

I would love to buy this type of winch. Can you send a link please! Winch model , price supplier if possible.
Thank you
Eugene in Ireland.

Hi Eugene, please send me a mail at and I will give you the details.



Thanks Phil. Will do.

Nice. It’s like a hyper-simplified version of what they tried to do with the Skynch.