Tips and jigs for CNC machining of aluminum frame pieces

I have access to CNC machines (and expert machinists) at work, so I’m building a frame. My experience is mainly with 3d printing and modeling, and Mastercam/Haas is new to me.

I’m starting this tread as a way to document my progress and to get feedback/advice on individual pieces. One of the challenging things about these pieces is that virtually all of them require multiple angles and repositionings. It is this aspect of the process that I would like to form a community around.

Please feel free to offer advice on each piece as we go along.

Here is the unofficial parts list (subject to change, apparently):

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Reserved for table of contents once this thread gets big.

The first piece is the arm_hinge_right.stl.

(anyone know how to do inline stls like github does?)

My current plan is to clamp a bar of 7075 down to the table that is thicker than this piece, and mill out the outer profile, the inner profile, the pivot hole, and the higher slanted part. Then I will cut them out from the stock piece on the bandsaw, clamp each one to face them off on the cut side, and then do the horizontal mill between the two tabs and finally drill the two holes. So four separate clampings.

I wouldn’t start machining parts based on these models as there seems to be some inaccuracies with the models (holes not aligning correctly etc.) But of course you can start planning how you would do it when the “final” part models/drawings are released…

For those who are milling their own, be advised that the left, right and top hinge pieces have 4mm holes in places where the holes need to be drilled undersized and then tapped:

I’m making good progress on my pieces: