Throttle... Left or RIght Hand?

Is it better to keep a throttle in your dominant hand or your weak hand?

Excellent question!
I learned with it in my weak hand.
And I am extremely grateful that I did.
From Handing emergencies to filming Endangered Right Whales with an expensive camera you want to have your dominant hand free.
Imagine untangling a brake wrap in flight…
Finding your fuel cut off when your motor is stuck wide open…
Dropping your camera or cell phone…
Or even the simplest task of hitting a button on your gps, vario etc!
Leave your dominant hand free.
You wont regret it.


Great point…thank you

“Handling emergencies”… I hadn’t considered that. It would make throwing a reserve easier. You’ve convinced me.

I’m training in Florida, for ~12 days, starting the first week of January. I’ll set up my shiny new orange cage flying machine with a weak hand throttle.

I imagine that the same would apply to the PTT for radio comms…mounted on the weak side ear cup.

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don’t know why I have always used my dominant right hand, but you have some valid points there :slight_smile:
maybe I’ll try to switch.

Good points I’m switching. My reserve is right hand only so that makes a ton of sense

The OpenPPG throttle comes default in a left hand version for these same reasons.
My first few flights were with the throttle in the right, but now I only flight with it in my left which leaves my dominant hand free for selfies more important tasks.


Lol… You have your priorities straight :slight_smile:

Zack… I want to thank you for what you and your brother are doing. You’ve conceived of, designed and built an amazing flying machine. It’s truly cutting edge and revolutionizing paramotoring. The fact that you’re working with composite materials, CAD and 3D printing is a game changer.

I love and appreciate that you’ve chosen the open source model. This is a good group of folks and I’m constantly impressed at the level of collaboration and innovation coming from all over the planet. I believe that you guys here are changing the paramotor world.

I’m often pleasantly surprised at the deep pool and wide variety of skill sets that are contributing to the project.

About the time I found your group I bought a conventional PPG, a Kangook Classic 146 with a MY19 Moster 185 Plus, a composite 130 cm prop and an ENA Ozone Element wing. I start my training in Florida the first week of January.

I envision spending much of my time flying low and slow, and just having a blast. Although I have a conventional machine, I’ve learned quite a bit here and will follow along with your progress and continue rooting for your ongoing success.

I’m absolutely going to follow along here and get on your next build list so that I’ll have two beautiful flying machines. Keep up the good work and thank you.

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My first ppg flights were with throttle in my very dominant right hand. Gonna switch to the left for my batch four machine. Seems sensible.