Throttle Controller


The Throttle Controller category is the place to discuss various ppg throttle controller designs, as well as ways to improve current ones. If you have a cool design or idea for a better EPPG throttle controller this is the spot share your ideas.


Hi, I use different gas grips. depending on the purpose of the electric flying. fun machine with the cameleon 2 or 3 thermals with the finger grip (left in the picture) on each glove with velcro is simply clipped. that’s how i can really thermic fly. For very thick gloves in winter, use the classic bar handles. all of them always control the same mechanical unit to which a linearpoti moves back and forth by about 12 mm. due to 2 springs on pressure and tension the drive can always be set to “motor off” when releasing. greetings from Austria.gas2


We are designing a few different types of throttle controllers. I’m liking the Thumb throttle with the brake slot so far, it really frees up your hands during take off.

You just slide the brake into the slot between the tube and arm. You can also swap hands in flight (i know some acro guys like that). Let me know what your thoughts are?


hi, yes that’s also an good option. we have some pilots who connect the brake handle with the throttle with velcro. These pilots have been doing this for many years. I do not like that myself because I mostly have something to do. bring camera in position, with long travel hands warm under the pod harness, etc. :slight_smile: at the very beginning of the electric flight in 2011, I have also built a throttle to give the thumb gas. but I felt too little to keep the A straps so I was looking for other solutions. The easiest thing for me is that I do not feel in flight. that’s mine for thermik and the cameleon throttle.


I defiantly wouldn’t want to trap it on with velcro because you can’t release the brake as easily as just un-sliding it from the slot. Anyways thanks for joining the forum and the good ideas!


maybe a useful note: I programmed with me all drives so that I no matter how fast or slow I fully throttle the esc always on exactly 2.2 sec., the ramp-up through. so you can fly very precisely because there can be no aggressive throttle. especially in winter with thick gloves, one does not feel exactly through the foam in the glove. the 2.2 sec is a value that suits me best. I have also set for other setups for the pilots to 1.8 sec just like someone would like it. in principle, it is pretty much the same as with a well tuned petrol engine which usually needs 2-3 seconds to run up. the safety brake takes exactly 1.2 seconds if there is a start accident. the 1.2 sec are necessary to destroy the biggest energy in the air. only then is it braked electrically. I used to experience the big model airplanes that had programmed the brake too hard and fast. the esc was destroyed by the recuperation. it is not with all drives the danger but the better you use the physics the better the whole system works. greetings


Yep we are already working on a system in the throttle. A few different modes beginner, intermediate, expert. Beginner would have a throttle response similar to a gas paramotor. With expert having a sensitive fast responding throttle response.


I think that looks great. I’ve used the thumb throttle that Synergy Paramotors make, and found it very comfortable in flight, and I love the idea of integrating the brake handles with the throttle.

Could you add a photo that shows the brake installed? I can’t quite get my head around how it attaches.


It just simply slides between the tube and the arm handle thing. It doesn’t permanently attached in any way.


Would it be worth while having a power on/off switch on the throttle to prevent accidentally applying power in certain situations where you would turn a gas engine off e.g. hard landing, putting the unit on your back, etc.


@HJMK ya, there already is a power/kill switch it would be pretty unsafe to not have one on the throttle.