Throttle Controller V1.0 FW?

I just updated my batch 2 V1.0 throttle controller from 5.3 to FW 5.6 which has a Device Architecture: SAMD21. Is this the correct FW update or do I need to update to the RP2040 - 5.6R FW?

Happy Flying!

Nevermind, I tracked down the answer in the “what’s new for the SP 140 controller” thread. All good, tested the throttle without the prop and love the difference without even flying it. The ramp up and off throttle response seems so much smoother. Plus, the cruise on and touching the lever by mistake :confused: turning off the cruise won’t have such a jolt.

I’ll flight test it on Tuesday and report back.

Awesome work Paul and Zach.

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Hey Paul,
The controller voltage readout is 2v lower than actual battery voltage after updating the FW from 5.3 to 5.6 is this by design?

Are you measuring actual voltage at the terminals or looking in the app connected via bluetooth?

The actual voltage at the terminals compared to the OSD.

Hmm are you saying its now lower after updating or just that its different from what your multimeter shows?

Yes, the voltage read lower in the OSD after updating the FW. The charger and multimeter are reading exactly the same, I even unplugged the battery and charged it for a few minutes and reconnected the battery and the OSD still read 2v lower.

I think the question was are you sure that before updating that they read the same?

Yes, they were reading the same prior to the update.