Throtle conttroller for rigid wing

Hey - I’m looking to use an electric system with a hang-glider wing.

Not sure that physically the ppg controller will work for me, so am thinking I am going to have to roll my-own, at least in part.

I might be able to use the design hardware, but with a different input. Rather than squeezing a trigger , something like a motocycle.

So the question is: how does the controller see a squeeze of the throttle - increasing resistance presumably?

And please is there a spec for the output?

I am expecting to use a mad-ampx-esc-200a-(12-24s)-hv - can it be connect directly ?

Thanks for any help and advice


Hi! You are correct. The controller uses a potentiometer which just had variable resistance. That’s read by the analog input on the microcontroller and finally converted to a PWM output that’s read by the ESC.
If you’re comfortable soldering you could probably hook up anything that has variable resistance to the same points on the board as the potentiometer.

For experiment you can use something like this direct to the controller.

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What rigid wing? I’m thinking of doing something like a light trike for my Ghostbuster Rigid wing using this setup

Jim I’ve built an ehelp FLPHG. probably the only flying one in the UK. FLPHG e Help | Facebook I took a remote throttle I acquired from Alien power products but I converted it to hard wire as remotes are a bit dodgy. I then connected the throttle to the ESC using an rc tester see this youtube video.
then I connected that to my VESC. Yes I reckon I could gave connected it up to the ADC option ports on the VESC but I found this way easier. I am not into coding etc I just use building blocks to get up and running. Its got an on off switch and works great, the cable come over my shoulder and its of a length so that when I am flying if I let it go the throttle just dangles , I cant lose it. That’s useful in my application because Ive designed my ehelp with the option to be winchtowed or even aerotow. During winching I need my hands free to operate the chest release mechanisms. Winchtowing means that way I dont waste battery capacity getting to height I just use it for bimbling about. I live in Cambridgeshire so its fen flatland flying here. Anyway join my facebook page and I will send you photos of my unit. Regards Paul