Theoretic Question on Battery

So, let’s say that you mount an X4 on to a trike (hopefully, one that allows mounting only as a power source, not a load-bearing mount that the legs of the X4 can’t handle).

Would there be a lithium ‘car’ or ‘house’ battery that could be mounted to the frame that could be used in lieu of the Bonkas? Would it add any flight time?

I would think the weight difference between four Bonkas (7S) and a single car-type battery would be fairly close.

The real question is whether the lithium ‘car’ battery could be compatible.

Most car type battery packs or modules are designed around a higher voltage than the X4. Typically near 100V
The SP140 pack is essentially a small car type battery. It’s custom constructed though. Would be cool to build a trike or quad around a partial car pack so you could use the ev charging infrastructure.

I think that we would actually have the opposite problem. The final voltage in cars are very high, but the individual battery modules In most cars tend to run around 20 to 30 volts.

if you fill a pool with a thick fire hose at full pressure … it works very well. if you want to fill a bathtub with a fire hose at full pressure, it will not work well.


Very interesting analogy.